Best Ways to Make Money in College You’ve Never Thought of !

Whether it is a rite of passage, part of oollege life, or simply something every young adult has to go through, college students are always broke. Of course, part of being a college student also means you need money for rent, books, school supplies, groceries, and in some cases new clothes. However with all the responsibilities that come with adulthood and the need for money, college students need to find innovative ways to make money that won’t interrupt their schooling. This can be done a multitude of different ways, and different college students go about making money quickly differently.ll


One way to make money quickly that won’t interrupt a college student’s studies is freelancing. If you are considering freelancing, you simply need to find something that you are good at and use it to your advantage to provide services to those who need them. This means that if you are an excellent writer you can create amazing articles for clients who need you to write content for their websites and other needs. If you are good at computer arts, then maybe you can find work graphic designs for clients who may need logos, banners, and other online needs. Freelancing is all about monetizing your strengths to earn money quickly and effectively.

Work for Your College

Many colleges and universities offer work opportunities to their students to help them pay for rent and other necessities. These jobs include reception, secretarial duties, teachers’ assistants, and other necessary jobs that would otherwise cost the college thousands to pay a full-time employee. While these jobs won’t pay a whole lot of money, they won’t interfere with your studies, and keep you within the school grounds in case you have to rush to class after a shift. Other jobs you may find with your college include food preparation in the kitchen, grading papers and assignments, assisting in various tasks for teachers and students, and liaison work to help keep things organized.

Selling Bodily Fluids and Such

Even though it isn’t something many people truly consider, there are many body parts you can easily sell for extra money, and some of them can do other people a great deal of good. Things like hair, blood, plasma, sperm, and eggs can be sold at clinics to provide others with opportunities such as children and good health. While some consideration should be taken for your reproductive fluids and the like, blood and plasma can be sold once or twice a week and provide you with fast cash to help you with your responsibilities. Hair is something that is a little harder to sell as you cannot dye your hair, it cannot be damaged by the sun or overly shampooed, and requires you to grow your hair out to at least 10 inches before it can be sold. While this isn’t a quick way to make money you can make a lot of money if all of these requirements are met.

Drug Trials and Studies

It isn’t uncommon for college students to participate in drug trials and various health studies to make money quickly and easily. Careful consideration should be taken before participating in these drug trials and studies to ensure the possible side effects won’t leave you missing classes. However many health studies are relatively safe and won’t leave you with side effects that will make you miss classes. These trials and studies can help people who need the medications or information while also making you a bit of money quickly.


Babysitting is a great way to make money fast as there are many people who simply need a night away to relax knowing that their children are safe. Many college students are already familiar with babysitting as a way to make money in college, since they have done it since high school, but now that you are older you can ask for roughly $15 per hour for your services rather than the low wage you probably made while in grade school. Finding babysitting jobs are easy to find as you can post fliers around your college and the surrounding areas to get word of your services out, as well as babysit for friends and family as well.


Another easy way to make money is to housesit for someone while they are on vacation. It isn’t recommended that you housesit for friends or family as they would expect you to do it for free, although friends of family and friends of friends will always pay good money for someone to keep an eye on their home. Housesitting is easy work as it requires simple tasks such as watering plants, feeding pets, walking pets, and checking the mail, but these simple tasks will make the homeowner feel as though the home was in excellent hands while they were away.

Ever Wonder How to Make Money without Working? Here is your Answer

How to Make Money without Working


There is no doubt that money makes the world go around, but who wants to work long hours to get some? Not everybody is interested in wasting their time making other people rich. Some of us want to know how to make money without ever working. Although that might sound like a pipe dream, it is possible to do so and make a killing in the meantime. The key is to know about some easy money-making techniques.

Keep in mind that some money-making schemes are just that – schemes. Not only will you not be able to make extra money with those methods, but you might also lose some cash along the way as well. In order to make real money without ever putting in the work, you have to be smart about what you do and who you trust. Don’t rely on trial and error to get you where you want to be, try out some of these tested techniques instead.

  1. Earn Cash Back Rebates

Getting a little cash back from the things you already buy is a great way to put money in your pocket without forcing you to go to work. Now, most cash back rebate programs won’t earn you enough money to legitimize quit your job, but they will provide you with some spending money for free. There are lots of these opportunities out there, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that works for your lifestyle. Some of the more popular sites, like Ibotta and Ebates, offer members nice chunks of change for using their website or app. Once you have accumulated enough cash in your account, you can have the dividends sent directly to your bank account and spend the money at your leisure.

  1. Use Your Credit Cards to Earn Cash

Did you know that your credit cards are good for more than just providing you with borrowable cash? There are actually programs out there that allow you to use your credit card account to make significant amounts of money. It works like this: you sign up for their program as a “provider,” at which time the company pairs you with a client of theirs who is interested in improving their credit score. Simply by allowing the “rider” to piggyback on your credit card account, you get paid. There is no risk associated with this technique as long as you work with a reputable company, and you can stand to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars without ever lifting a finger.

  1. Sell Your Unwanted and Unused Items

You could always pass along the items you no longer want to someone who still might. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have belongings that still have some life in them, why just throw them out in the garbage? Have a yard sale, post the items online, or head to a consignment shop to turn those unwanted items into cold, hard cash.

  1. Get Paid for Being an Inspiration to Others

Did you know that you can make real money just by doing what you already do every day? Take working out for example. If you head to the gym a lot, then why don’t you earn some money for sticking to your workout goals? There is an app called Gympact and it does just that. The money you earn for not working a stitch is paid for by those who need to be inspired, so it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

  1. Invest Your Money into a High Yield Account

You can make your money really work for you if you have a little bit to invest. By putting your cash into a high yield bank account you can reap the benefits of high interest rates and start earning spendable cash without ever clocking in at the office. You already have your money sitting in a bank account, so why not switch providers to one that offers you free money for doing so? Check out some of your local banks and see what they have to offer someone like you. It doesn’t usually take much of an investment to get started and you can sometimes double your money in less than a year.

5 Methods in Order to Make lots of Money

What makes a lot of money?


Everyone wants to know how to make a lot of money, and usually the faster, the better. Unfortunately that’s not really how the world works for the most of us. The beautiful part is, it is possible to make a lot of money, the sad part is you actually need to put in some effort.




The best way to make a lot of money is getting a great career. Real professional jobs, doctors and lawyers can make some great money. It takes years of school, time and perseverance, but it pays off in the long run.


Real Estate


It’s a crazy market right now, but if you can navigate the world of real estate, you can make a lot of money. It doesn’t take as much formal training, as say being a doctor, but it has the potential to earn. People will always be looking for real estate, no matter what. If you have the right contacts and the capital to start, flipping houses can yield even higher profits.




Depending on what or who you invest in, there’s a great opportunity to make some good cash. Any early investor in Google, Apple or Facebook became millionaires. You’re not just limited to tech companies either, there are plenty of people who are looking for investors. The Indie film community is always starving for money and if you’ve got a good eye, you could end up funding, what you think is a small movie that ends up turning a profit on the indie market or selling huge to a studio.




Another job that doesn’t necessarily require formal training, but does need some insight. Navigating the stocks can either be very calculated investments or sometimes just some dumb luck, not even the experts can predict every trend. There are some trick and tips to investing, like long-term equities, but it’s still a gamble.




Speaking of gambling, it’s probably the highest risk and reward option. Everyone’s had the dream of hitting it big, but in actuality most people don’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a real living off gambling. Professional poker players for a time, became like Rockstars in the public eye. Not everyone can make it to the final table at the world series, but there are plenty of tournaments around the world with large pots to be won.


Starting and then Selling your Company


This is by far the best bet to making lots of money fast. Just like gambling or the stock market, starting your own company can be a huge risk. The amount of companies that start up and die within two or three years is high. Not everyone can be a visionary when it comes to business either, but that’s the beauty of the internet, you never know what’s going to hit it big.


Do you remember when a small internet company called, “Ship your enemies glitter”, became viral on the internet? Most people probably do. Do you remember when “Ship your enemies glitter” sold for $85,000USD? Most people probably don’t. When it comes down to, how to make a lot money, well, you won’t know until you try.

Five Offbeat Online Jobs For College Students

Going to college has never been more expensive. Even if you manage to get a scholarship to pay your tuition, college students still need to find a way to afford living expenses and other day-to-day costs like anyone else. When looking for a job to make ends meet, college students often face a double whammy: Inexperience shuts them out of many jobs, and many jobs they can qualify for require too much of a commitment and can interfere with their studies.


That’s why these online jobs for college students are the perfect way to earn the money they need whenever it’s convenient for them to work, while still allowing them to study when they need to. Here are five online jobs for college students you might not have heard about:


  • Online Tutoring — College students usually have excellent computer equipment and skills and access to high-speed Internet. While they’re still learning, they’ve just completed many years of classes to get to college. Online tutoring is a great way to make some money by offering help to other college students as well as high schoolers and even grade schoolers. You’ll have to pass an application test in order to claim one of these online jobs for college students, but that shouldn’t be a problem for a scholar. If you’re well versed in tougher subjects like chemistry and calculus you can earn even more money.
  • Freelance Work – There are tons of online jobs for college students for freelance work. While everyone pictures freelance work as writing, there are many more skills that are in higher demand that college students can supply for quick cash. Look for IT, Web, and mobile app development, and design and multimedia work that many college students know intimately.
  • Microjobs – Related to freelance work, Microjobs are one-off task that students can offer on websites like Fiverr that match willing buyers with willing sellers for basic stuff like blog commenting, supporting social websites, and other Internet tasks. If the service you offer catches on, you can make quite a bit of money on volume work.
  • Sell Game Gold – If you’re adept at online multiplayer games, you can earn money by accumulating the barter goods and bonus keys that online games offer for gameplay success, and then sell them to others that don’t want to go through the trouble of earning them for themselves. There are legitimate online clearinghouses for your magic swords and potions that won’t make you rich, but they might buy your pizza. Online jobs for college students don’t get much easier than this one.
  • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – It’s not as well known as microjob sites like Fiverrr, but Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service offers offbeat online jobs for college students that are willing to do repetitive tasks for small payments. The individual jobs pay only pennies, but they don’t take long and you can do a lot of them. Typical jobs involve correcting spelling, judging if a website is G rated, choosing categories for products, and other simple things that involve judgment that a machine can’t offer.