Five Offbeat Online Jobs For College Students

Going to college has never been more expensive. Even if you manage to get a scholarship to pay your tuition, college students still need to find a way to afford living expenses and other day-to-day costs like anyone else. When looking for a job to make ends meet, college students often face a double whammy: Inexperience shuts them out of many jobs, and many jobs they can qualify for require too much of a commitment and can interfere with their studies.


That’s why these online jobs for college students are the perfect way to earn the money they need whenever it’s convenient for them to work, while still allowing them to study when they need to. Here are five online jobs for college students you might not have heard about:


  • Online Tutoring — College students usually have excellent computer equipment and skills and access to high-speed Internet. While they’re still learning, they’ve just completed many years of classes to get to college. Online tutoring is a great way to make some money by offering help to other college students as well as high schoolers and even grade schoolers. You’ll have to pass an application test in order to claim one of these online jobs for college students, but that shouldn’t be a problem for a scholar. If you’re well versed in tougher subjects like chemistry and calculus you can earn even more money.
  • Freelance Work – There are tons of online jobs for college students for freelance work. While everyone pictures freelance work as writing, there are many more skills that are in higher demand that college students can supply for quick cash. Look for IT, Web, and mobile app development, and design and multimedia work that many college students know intimately.
  • Microjobs – Related to freelance work, Microjobs are one-off task that students can offer on websites like Fiverr that match willing buyers with willing sellers for basic stuff like blog commenting, supporting social websites, and other Internet tasks. If the service you offer catches on, you can make quite a bit of money on volume work.
  • Sell Game Gold – If you’re adept at online multiplayer games, you can earn money by accumulating the barter goods and bonus keys that online games offer for gameplay success, and then sell them to others that don’t want to go through the trouble of earning them for themselves. There are legitimate online clearinghouses for your magic swords and potions that won’t make you rich, but they might buy your pizza. Online jobs for college students don’t get much easier than this one.
  • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – It’s not as well known as microjob sites like Fiverrr, but Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service offers offbeat online jobs for college students that are willing to do repetitive tasks for small payments. The individual jobs pay only pennies, but they don’t take long and you can do a lot of them. Typical jobs involve correcting spelling, judging if a website is G rated, choosing categories for products, and other simple things that involve judgment that a machine can’t offer.